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Steve got a spinal cord injury in 1998, when he was 30 years old. He grew up surrounded by crime, drug-dealing and gangs. When Steve's brother was killed in a drive-by shooting, Steve was very depressed. He stole a car. The police chased him, and Steve crashed the car. He got a spinal cord injury in the accident. Steve spent time in hospital after the accident, and also spent time in prison. He got pressure ulcers (which is what a doctor or nurse calls pressure sores or bedsores) in prison, and had surgery there. When Steve's wife left him, he tried to change his life, but found it too hard. He went back to dealing drugs on the street. One night Steve got into an argument and was shot dead.

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Charlie and Steve did not speak the same language as their doctors. Sometimes it was hard for them to talk to the doctor.

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Billy, Dave, Mitch and Steve all lived with their parents.

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Steve lived in a garage that was part of his family's house. He felt a little independent because he lived alone in the garage.

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Steve checked his skin every time he got in and out of his wheelchair.

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Steve scraped himself on the tire of his wheelchair. He saw the scrape. Steve had medicine at home from his last pressure ulcer. He used the medicine for the scrape. The medicine healed the scrape. Steve didn't get a pressure ulcer.

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Steve separated from his wife. He was also involved with gangs and drug-dealing. There was a lot of confusion and disorder in his life. (Sadly, he got shot and killed.)

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Steve felt sad because his wife broke up with him. He started taking risks because he was so depressed. He sold drugs and hung out with gangs because he thought he "had nothing to lose." Steve got shot and lost his life! Don't let depression get you in trouble.

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Steve got killed because of drugs and gangs. It happened after he helped with this project. A lot of people in gangs get hurt. Some get killed.

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