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Charlie came to the United States from Thailand. He got a spinal cord injury when he was shot by muggers who robbed him in the street. He tried to keep working after the injury, but it got harder. He was homeless for a while. Charlie was physically injured in accidents. They left him in a lot of pain. He went to live with members of his family, but they had to leave after a while. Charlie then lived on his own in nursing homes.

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Charlie got a spinal cord injury when he got robbed. The robbers shot Charlie. They also hurt his head. It made it hard for Charlie to think clearly. Charlie was born in Thailand, in Asia. It was hard for him to speak English.

Charlie wanted the doctors and nurses to spend all their time with him. He felt like he couldn't take care of himself. Charlie wanted help with things that weren't about his health. Doctors and nurses are only supposed to help with health. That's what the rules say. Charlie asked for favors. That wasn't right. The doctors and nurses didn't like to have to say "no" to doing favors. The doctors and nurses felt bad that they couldn't help Charlie. They spent less time with Charlie so he wouldn't ask them for favors.

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Charlie and Steve did not speak the same language as their doctors. Sometimes it was hard for them to talk to the doctor.

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Charlie does not speak English. He hurt his head when he got his spinal cord injury. He was living with his aunt, but his aunt had to go to New York to take care of family business. Charlie had to move into a nursing home after that. He tried to move in with some people from his church, but they changed their minds. Charlie didn't have anywhere to stay for a while. This is confusion and disorder. He got a pressure ulcer (which is what a doctor or nurse calls a pressure sore or bedsore) after all those things happened.

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Life events can make you feel confusion.

Charlie was going to go live with a couple from his church. The husband died. The wife was very sad. She said Charlie couldn't live there now. Charlie didn't have anywhere to go. He had to live on the street. He was homeless. Charlie felt a lot of confusion. Charlie got a pressure ulcer.

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Charlie's life was in disorder for a while. His wheelchair cushion was stolen. He was homeless for a short time. Charlie got a pressure ulcer during this time. His life is better now.

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Charlie got 3 pressure ulcers. They were all from injuries. Charlie got a scrape when he was transferring from his chair. The scrape caused a pressure ulcer. Charlie fell out of his wheelchair when he was in a race. The injury caused a pressure ulcer. Charlie fell out of bed in the hospital. The safety rail on the bed didn't work. Charlie hurt his shoulder. The injury caused a pressure ulcer.

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Charlie races in marathons in his wheelchair. Charlie fell out of his wheelchair during a race. He hurt his skin. He got a pressure ulcer where he got hurt.

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Charlie was in the hospital. His bed had a rail for safety. The rail did not lock. Charlie fell out of bed. Charlie hurt his shoulder.

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Charlie lived in a nursing home. The rules said people couldn't leave the home alone during the day. Charlie couldn't go to his doctor's appointment. He chose to break the rules. He snuck out to his doctor's office. Charlie took his power wheelchair 5 miles. Charlie fell out of his wheelchair. He needed stitches!

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The things you do - like taking care of yourself, doing things for fun, hanging out with friends and family, or doing paid or unpaid work - can make life special and enjoyable. People who helped with this project liked to do many different things. Charlie sells at swap meets.

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