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Taking Big Risks

Is It a Big Risk? Taking a Big Risk With Pressure Ulcers Why Do People Take Big Risks? Risks to Your Health Denial "There's Nothing Left to Lose" Making Things Less Risky Making Good Choices About Risks Tips About Taking a Risk If You Use the Internet... Show All Read in more detail about this subject

Taking Big Risks

Railroad crossing

Billy took a huge risk. He raced a train. He got hurt

A risk is when you take a chance. Some risks are small. Choosing what to eat is a small risk. You might not like the food. That is the only risk.

Some risks are big. Taking a big risk can hurt you.

  • Billy took a big risk.
  • Billy was at a railroad crossing.
  • A train was coming. The safety gates were coming down.
  • Billy chose to race the train.
  • Billy tried to get his wheelchair across the tracks before the train.
  • Billy crashed into the gates.
  • Billy broke his toe.
    • Billy's toe was hurt very badly.
    • Billy's toe had to be amputated, that is, cut off!