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Smoking cigarette

People smoke even though they know it's bad for them

Everyone knows that smoking is bad. Some people smoke anyway.

Why do some people smoke?

  • Because their friends smoke.
  • Teens think smoking makes them look older.
  • Some people think smoking makes them look sexy.
  • Some people like to do things that are bad.
  • Some people smoke because they like taking risks.
  • Some people started smoking a long time ago, before we knew how dangerous it is, but they find it hard to quit.

Some of the people who helped in our project smoked. Helen smoked when she was young and partied a lot. Her friends smoked, too. She quit drinking, but she still smokes.

Frank does a lot of healthy things. He checks his skin every day for pressure ulcers (which is what a doctor or nurse calls pressure sores or bedsores). He has a watch with an alarm in it. Frank uses the alarm to tell him every 15 minutes that it is time to take pressure off his skin; this is called a pressure relief. He eats healthy food. Frank does all these healthy things, but he has not been able to quit smoking.