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Hospital receptionist

Knowing the rules at hospitals helps you get the care you need

Hospitals have rules. Clinics have rules. You might need to get used to their rules. That way, it will be easier to work with your doctors. That way, you can get the health care you need.

Knowing the rules helps you what you need. Here are some things you have to know at the doctor's office:

  • Does the doctor speak the same language as you?
  • How does the doctor want to be paid?
    • Does the doctor take your insurance?
    • Does the doctor take Medicare? Does the doctor take Medicaid? In California, does the doctor take MediCal?
    • Does the doctor want cash?
  • Are there rules about drinking or doing drugs?
    • Some hospitals say you can't get health care if you are using street drugs.

It's important to get good health care when you need it. It can slow things down when you don't follow the rules. Here are ideas to help things go right when you go to see the doctor.