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Gangs Are A Danger to Your Health! Crime and Jail Fighting and Getting Hurt More Facts on Gangs, Fighting and Spinal Cord Injury Do You Want to Quit Gangs? What to Remember If You Use the Internet... Show All Read in more detail about this subject


Gang bandanas

Belonging to a gang can be very dangerous

It is dangerous to be in a gang.

  • It is taking a big risk.
  • There is fighting.
  • The other gangs are your enemies. They can hurt you.
  • There are drive-bys.
  • There are crimes like selling drugs and stealing.
  • Lots of gangbangers go to jail.
  • Friends and loved ones feel very upset. They worry about you.
  • Tatts or gang colors can get you in trouble.
    • You'll be in trouble with other gangs.
    • There are people who won't trust you.
    • It could be hard to get a job with gang tatts.
  • Gang members get spinal cord injuries!
    • Twenty people with a spinal cord injury helped with this project.
    • Six of them were in gangs.
    • Five of them got their spinal cord injury when they got shot!
    • The sixth one got his spinal cord injury when he got drunk, then stole a car, then crashed when he was running away from the police!

Why do people join gangs? There are things that they like about gangs. It gives them a feeling of belonging. It lets them feel like they're part of something. Gang members are loyal to each other. They've got each other's back. There might not be good jobs in your part of town. People think they can get rich from crimes. (But those crimes can send you to jail!)

It is hard work to change. That is true. But look at the facts. Think about it. It could be worth it to quit a gang.