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Friends and Family

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Friends and Family

Woman and child

Friends and family can make life happier and easier

Like the song says, it can be true that "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends." A friend is someone you can trust. Your friends, and your family, too, can really help when you have a spinal cord injury. You can have fun hanging out with them. They can help you go places in your neighborhood, or in your city. They can help you if you are a student or have a job. They can share with you some of the things you have to do each day, or special things you do once in a while. When friends or family help you to get things done, it can help you enjoy your life more.

Friends can also make it easier to do things that might be hard or scary if you did them alone. Judy kept the same job she had before she got her spinal cord injury. One reason was because her supervisor really helped Judy. The supervisor made sure that their office was accessible (ak-SESS-uh-bull), that is, that it was easy for Judy to get around in her wheelchair. Judy could trust her supervisor.

Sometimes friends or family can give you a good reason to do something new. Helen called her friend Claudia her "cruising buddy" because they went together to art classes and the museum.