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Drinking or Doing Drugs

What Drinking Really Does to You Drinking or Doing Drugs Can Cause a Pressure Ulcer Getting Clean and Sober If You Use the Internet... Show All Read in more detail about this subject

Drinking or Doing Drugs

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Drinking too much puts your health at risk

Some people think that partying is the best way to have fun. Some people drink or use drugs because they feel unhappy. Even people with spinal cord injuries drink or do drugs. Experts say that up to half of all people who drank or did drugs before they got a spinal cord injury still partied after their injury. People with disabilities are more likely to drink or do drugs than most people.

Two people who helped with this project, Helen and Robert, drank and partied a lot after their spinal cord injuries. When Helen and Robert got older, they got clean and sober. They both felt more healthy when they got sober, and they felt closer to their families. They were able to make better choices when they got sober.