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Doing Things

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Doing Things

Working late

Working too hard can hurt your health

It's good for your health and happiness to keep busy. Doctors think that doing a lot of different things, even sports, can help you stay away from getting a pressure ulcer (which is what a doctor or nurse calls a pressure sore or bedsore).

If you overdo it, you can hurt yourself. Some of the people who helped with this project worked or played too hard and got a pressure ulcer.

Dave and Judy both got pressure ulcers when they worked overtime at their jobs and didn't do enough pressure reliefs. Their pressure ulcers got worse when they kept going to work instead of taking time off to let their skin get better. They both needed surgery because their pressure ulcers got so bad.

Helen had to take care of a lot of things when her boyfriend and aunt both died. She had to pay attention to family business and work. It was hard for her to look after her body. She sat in her wheelchair for a long time every day without doing enough pressure reliefs, and she got a pressure ulcer.

Gary and Mitch both did a lot of hanging out with friends, without remembering about pressure reliefs. They both got pressure ulcers. So did Helen when she was a young woman and liked to party.

You don't have to stay in bed all day because you are afraid to get a pressure ulcer. (In fact, staying in bed without turning or doing a pressure relief can cause a pressure ulcer.) What you have to do is balance the things you like to do with the things you need to do to stay healthy.