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Caregivers and helpers

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Caregivers and helpers

Caregiver pushing wheelchair

It's important to have a good helper or caregiver

Lots of people have disabilities. Lots of them have a caregiver. Lots of them have a paid helper. More people than ever have a helper. A caregiver can help you do what you need to do every day. A caregiver or helper can help you to be independent. People who are independent make important choices for themselves. A caregiver can be:

Less than half of people with disabilities have a helper who is paid. A helper you pay might be a professional worker. Sometimes people pay a friend or loved one to help them. When people have a paid helper, it can cost a lot. It might cost almost half of all you spend each month. Some people have a paid helper for a few hours each day or week. Then a caregiver helps them the rest of the time.

Almost half the people who get help have two helpers. The helpers take turns caring for them.

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But it can be expensive to pay a helper

Women with a spinal cord injury tend to pay for a helper. Men with a spinal cord injury tend to have a loved one taking care of them.

Dave didn't hire a helper because he didn't want a "stranger" helping him. Dave's mother was his caregiver.

Some helpers earn minimum wage. Some earn over $10 an hour. About half of the people without a helper said they couldn't pay one. They also said they didn't want a "stranger" in their home.

Do you need special medicine? Do you need special treatment? Medicare, Medicaid, MediCal and private insurance will pay for a nurse or trained helper.